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Are all the assigned Ecoscores correct?

For the calculation of Ecoscores of all vehicles available on the Belgian market, VITO is completely dependent on the data obtained from both the FPS Mobility - Registration Service of Vehicles (DIV) and FEBIAC, VITO can not guarantee that the given Ecoscore of a vehicle is correct. If not all necessary data can be retrieved from the Technicar database of FEBIAC, we try to search these data in the DIV database. However, the quality control performed by VITO on these DIV files can only determine if the emission values obtained are of the same magnitude as the limits of the emission standard that applies to that vehicle. If this is not the case, we cannot calculate an Ecoscore for that vehicle. Verifying whether the data obtained from DIV correspond to the actual emission values, is currently beyond the scope of this project, as this would imply an examination of each individual vehicle.

Within the framework of the reform of the FPS Mobility - Registration Service Vehicles (DIV), they planned to implement some changes to the way the homologation data are collected and maintained. This impacts the emission values as well, and could guarantee a more correct Ecoscore in the near future.

last database update: 12/05/2022 - next database update planned for: 15/07/2022
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