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Belgian Fleet


The graphs below summarize the full report concerning the entire fleet on the one hand, and registrations of new and used vehicles on the other hand. These reports describe the characteristics of the Belgian fleet, both for Belgium as a whole and broken down by region.


Average Ecoscore evolution

The average Ecoscore has improved significantly over the past years, both for the total fleet and for new and second-hand registrations.  The Ecoscore of the total fleet increases during the period 2008-2017 by 1,1 point per year. The Ecoscore of the new and second-hand registrations increases faster, by 1,4 resp. 1,3 points per year (same period).


Average Ecoscore by owner type

Regarding registration records for 2008 and onwards, we can distinguish between private cars, company cars owned by a company itself and cars owned by a leasing company. In the total fleet of 2017, the average Ecoscore of leased cars is clearly the highest (64.7). This figure is observed thanks to their high replacement rate. Concerning new registrations, lease cars (66.6) perform somewhat worse than company-owned vehicles (67.0) but both are outperformed by private cars (69.2). The latter have a (much) higher share of petrol vehicles, that generally have much higher Ecoscore than comparable diesel cars (see next paragraph). (Remark: for 2nd hand vehicles, we only show the overall average due to a lack of sufficient distribution among the ownership types).

Average Ecoscore by owner type Bar chart

Average Ecoscore by fuel type

The highest Ecoscores are for the electric cars. CNG-, petrol hybrid (plug-in but also the classic hybrids) and diesel plug-in hybrid cars have significantly higher average Ecoscores than the other fuels. The difference of these alternatively fueled cars with the conventional fuels diminishes when we look at the new registrations, but nevertheless remains striking. Both within the total fleet and within the new and second-hand registrations, diesel cars systematically perform worst of all fuel types.

Average Ecoscore by fuel type Bar chart

More information

For more information on the trends in the Belgian fleet, please have a look at the reports describing the 'Total fleet' on the one hand, and 'Registrations of new and used vehicles' on the other hand.

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